Udemy react native free course The Practical Guide 2022

Remove term: udemy react native free course udemy react native free course

This is udemy react native free course. You can download the content one by one below.

It’s no surprise that everyone wants to build a mobile app as it’s one of the best methods to interact with users.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could create mobile applications using your expertise in web development and React?

React Native enables you to do just that!

Remove term: udemy react native free course udemy react native free course

You don’t need to learn Java, Android, Swift, ObjectiveC, or anything else to make excellent native mobile apps that run on both Android and iOS. All you need is React and JavaScript. That’s undoubtedly the reason why it’s used by firms like Instagram, AirBnB, Skype, and many more to create their mobile apps.

You can sign up for this league using this course. I’ll give you all the skills you need to make your own React Native applications. , upload them to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and immerse yourself in the React Native ecosystem.

You’ll learn the theory behind React Native, its core concepts, how to build responsive designs that work on different device sizes, how to navigate, use maps and the camera, and much more!

And what better way to learn than by creating a real-world app? In this course, we’ll create the “Favorite Places” app, which allows users to share amazing photos as well as the location where they were taken. This app will show you how to use maps, the camera, user authentication, connecting to a server, and much more.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll receive:

  • The fundamental ideas and theories
  • What is the difference between React, JavaScript, and native components?
  • Learn how to navigate React Native apps.
  • An examination of the styling and animation of React Native apps.
  • Third-party library usage instructions for your React Native app
  • Exemplifications of how to use maps or an image picker
  • A comprehensive user authentication flow
  • How to connect your app to a backend server
  • Instructions for debugging
  • And much, much more!

What will you require to be successful in this course?

NO knowledge of Android, Java, Swift, or ObjectiveC is required!
However, knowledge of JavaScript and React (for the web) is required – you do not need to be an expert, but the fundamentals must be established (though there are refresher sections in this course!)
I’d be delighted to welcome you to the course!

Download udemy react native free course

01 Getting Started.zip
02 React Native Basics [COURSE GOALS APP].zip
03 Debugging React Native Apps (Introduction).zip
05 Building Adaptive User Interfaces (Adapt to Platform & Device Sizes).zip/a>
06 React Native Navigation with React Navigation [MEALS APP].zip
07 App-wide State Management with Redux & Context API.zip
08 Time To Practice – The Expense Tracker App.zip
09 Handling User Input.zip
10 Sending Http Requests.zip
11 User Authentication.zip
12 Using Native Device Features (Camera, Location & More).zip
13 Building React Native Apps Without Expo.zip
14 Publishing React Native Apps.zip
15 Course Roundup.zip
16 About the Course Update.zip

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