Royal Match Free Lives 2022

Royal Match Free Lives 2022
Royal Match Free Lives 2022

The top 20 trending app “Royal Match” developed by Dream Games Ltd is a casual single player puzzle game. You can download this game for free in both android and IOs . This game has download of more than 10 million with positive rating of 4.2. Now you can play this game for hours with worrying about lives using our royal match free lives 2022 tool.

Royal Match Free Lives 2022



Royal Match is a puzzle game in which you have to earn stars by completing the level and help king Robert to make to his castle. In this game you have to match three or more similar items to meet the given target or objective. To complete the objective, this game contains enhancements and to obtain those enhancements you have to match or combine more than three items in a certain pattern. Rocket, propellers, TNT and light ball are the enhancement of that this game contains.

How to obtain boosters?

To obtain a rocket you have to match 4 items vertically or horizontally and to get the propellers you have to match 4 similar items in square shape i.e; two similar item parallel to same similar item. To make TNT you have to match 5 similar items in L or T shape and finally to create a light ball you have to match five similar items vertically or horizontally.

There are other tools that help to clear the level but first you have to unlock those boosters/tools. Royal Hammer, Arrow, cannon and jester hat are the other boosters available in this game. Using these boosters will not use your move. Royal hammer is use to remove one item, Arrow is use to remove a whole horizontal layer, just tap the arrow and then tap the row that you want to remove. Like arrows, players can use cannons to remove a whole vertical layer and finally use jester hat to shuffle all the items on the board.

The hard part of this game is that you have to complete a level in certain moves. If you complete the level in that given moves players will get certain amount of coins and one star. Coins and Star is the most necessary thing in this game. You need stars to complete the quest i.e. building and decorating the Royal castle . You can’t complete the quests without the stars. In the beginning of the game only one or two stars are enough to complete the quest. When you level up you need more stars to complete the quest. Coins are mainly used to buy the extra lives when you are unable to complete the level.

If you can’t complete the level in given moves than you can add extra five moves with 900 coins . Again if you can’t complete the level then with extra 1900 coins you can add five more moves and so on. You will lose a life when you not able to win/ complete the level. If you keep losing the game and you don’t have heart then you can’t play the game. You have to wait until your life gets recharged. That is why we developed our tool so that you can generate royal match free lives 2022

How to get Royal Match Free Lives ??

  1. Enter the Username .
  2. Select your device ( android /ios).
  3. There is also an AES Encryption which is optional. If you enable the encryption you will be able connect to our server securely.
  4. Type the numbers of coins  that you want to generate.
  5. Press connect .
  6. After you are connected to the server you will receive the required coins in your game.

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