Lords Mobile Free Gems Hack 2022


Lords Mobile Free Gems

If you are searching how to get unlimited amount of gems then your search is over. By using our lords mobile free gems  tool you can generate unlimited amount of gems. we developed a tool which can generate unlimited amount of gems .Creating this tool was not an easy job. It took regarding effort and time. After lot of effort this campaign was successfully made. We are also addicted to this game that is why we made this tool and berbagi this with you guys.

Gems are the important element in this game. You can earn gems by defeating the enemies and looting from them and also by completing the given quest. Earning gems is very tedious work. You can also buy the gems but it will hurt you pocket.

Using the tool is easy like a piece of cake. Non technical person can use this tool easily. Here are the steps how to use this tool and generate  unlimited amount of gems.

Lords Mobile Free Gems

How To Use



  1. Enter the email / username .
  2. Select your country.
  3. Select your device ( android /ios).
  4. There is also an AES Encryption which is optional. If you enable the encryption you will be able connect to our server securely.
  5. Type the numbers of gems that you want to generate.
  6. Press connect .
  7. After you are connected to the server you will receive the required gems in your game.


Lords Mobile : Battle of the Empires is the strategy game developed by IGG.com. Another popular games by  IGG.com are Castle Clash and Clash of the lords 2. Lord Mobile is a free game and can be downloaded from appstore as well as playstore.

When you have completed the download and open the game, game provides training of how to play the game. You can`t skip this training. In the training session you will understand how the game works and what should you do. In this game you have to build the castle, train your troops and defend your empires for enemy attack.

Some of the main troops are archers, cavalry, infantry and siege weapons. You need these troops to attack the enemy and defect the enemy. These troops have different levels, higher the level the more power they are . Archers of level 5 is 5 times powerful then level 1 archers and same goes for other troops. There are many types of building in this game and they have equal importance in the game. Som of the building names are castle, nursing, barracks,  sawmill, mine , warehouse , shelter, workshop , battle room etc..

Get In Touch

People can get in touch with us if you hope for to download the tool that generates unlimited amount of gems , but the online tool is a easy to use than the app. If you get started with the online tool you don’t need to worry about any thing. Using  the  useful online tool is completely risk free and free of virus.

If you want to use our online lords mobile free gems tool just click on the “online tool button“. You should be able to  contact us from the contact us page. Just leave a message if your have any problem using our tool and we will definitely  help you as soon as possible.

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