Candy Crush Cheats Unlimited Boosters

Candy Crush Cheats Unlimited Boosters

In this article we are going to share a trick to generate  unlimited lives in candy crush saga using candy crush cheats unlimited boosters. You have been searching a lot in internet where you can get unlimited lives then your search is over.

You can escape the detail segment if you are in rush and you want to generate unlimited lives then just click the online tool button below. If you have any problem then just Click Here and follow the instruction given.


Candy Crush Cheats Unlimited Boosters

In this game you are provided with limitation of moves and you have to complete that level with that moves. If you can`t complete the level with those certain moves then you have to use lives and again if you cannot complete the level with the lives then you have to wait for hour to play this game. This game is very interesting but waiting for hours makes this game very irritating.

If you don`t want to wait for hours and you want to get unlimited lives then here is the tool that can generate unlimited amount of live. This is the one and only working site. You have searched many tools are site that claims to give you unlimited lives but none of them works.

Candy Crush Cheats Unlimited Boosters




How to Use

Here are the simple steps to use our tool

  1. Click on online tool
  2. Enter the email / username .
  3. Select your country.
  4. Select your device ( android /ios).
  5. There is also an AES Encryption which is optional, if you enable the encryption you will be able connect to our server securely.
  6. Type the numbers of lives that you want to generate.
  7. Press connect .
  8. After you are connected to the server you will receive the required lives in your game.



The recent game which has been developed by king called candy crush saga is interesting. Another popular game developed by king are candy crush soda and farm heroes saga. This game is one of best game from 2015-2018. This game is free to download from appstore as well as playstore.

In this game you have you have to match same kind of candies. There are seven kinds of normal candies have different shape and size. The seven candies are green, purple, yellow, orange, red, cyan and blue. There are five different types of special candies; green striped candy, green wrapped candy, color bomb, cyan  jelly fish, green coloring candies. These special candies has special functions.

Special functions

Green Striped candy :  This special candy clears an entire row or column, depending on the direction of the stripes.

Green Wrapped candy : This special candies clears the eight candies and it is activated twice.

Color Bomb : This special candy depends on which other element it`s switched with.

Cyan jelly fish : This special candy helps you the compete the level and destroys on tile.

Green coloring candy : This candy transforms all candies of the color you matched it with to its color.

You need to form same candies in different formation to obtain these special candy in this game.

Green striped candy you need to form  four same candies in row or a column , for green wrapped candy you to form L  shape with 5  same candies, for color bomb you need to  form 5 same color candies in row or column, for cyan jelly fish you need 4-5 candies of same color in a 2×2 or 2×3 square and for green coloring candy you need to form T shape with 6 same candies.

People can get in touch with us if you hope for to download the tool that generates unlimited amout of lives , but the online tool is a easy to use than the app.If you get started with the online tool you don’t need to worry about any thing. Using  the  useful online tool is completely risk free and free of virus.If you want to use our candy crush cheats unlimited boosters just click on the “online tool button“. You should be able to  contact us from the contact us page. Just leave a message if your have any problem using our tool and we will definitely  help you as soon as possible.




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